As i set up a Windows Deployment Server in our Company and wanted to test the unattended Installation of Applications i had a big annoying Problem: Everytime i wanted to test a new unattended Setup i had to install the whole Operating System and wait for Apps installation to see if they work. Or if i simply changed one parameter in an Application and wanted to test this i had to wait about half an hour for OS Installation.
Without searching alot i found a valuable Resolution for this very time-consuming Problem:

  1. In Deployment Workbench (BDD2007) create a new Build (i.e. ApplicationsOnly)
  2. Right Click on the new Build select Properties and change to Task Sequence
  3. Now delete every Group and Step exept State Restore, Gather local only and Install Applications
  4. Click on State Restore and go to Options. Remove the Condition Line marked in Screenshot. remove_condition.png
  5. On Client Computer type in cmd: cscript \__scripts_LiteTouch.vbs_
  6. As migration type choose Refresh this computer
  7. Then you have to enter some information (ComputerName, Domain etc.) You can leave domain blank and Join a workgroup, because we just install applications
  8. On next Screen Do not back up the existing computer
  9. Then choose the Build you created before (i.e ApplicationsOnly)
  10. On next Page you can select Applications you want to test.
  11. Then you have to enter some credentials to connect the Share on which the Applications lie
  12. Click Begin and watch the Errors of the Applications 😉

Total Cost of this Procedure depending on Applications (10 Min) VS. Deployment of whole OS and Apps (30-45 Min)
I’ve seen the phenomen, that some applications work on the ApplicationsOnly build and not on the Full XP SP2 build and vice-versa.
e.g MS Office 2003: In ApplicationsOnly build you have to call it via pro11.msi TRANSFORMS=*.mst and in XP SP2 build setup.exe TRANSFORMS=*.mst